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The management of the company AG infoplan is a team of various experts providing quality services which results in loyalty of our numerous clients.

Our company activities include the following:

- design of national and local planning documents,

- design of building construction facilities,

- design of roads, hydro-technical facilities and power infrastructure,

- construction works on building construction facilities,

- construction works on roads and hydro-technical facilities and power infrastructure,

- audit of technical documentation,

- expert audit during the design and construction of building construction facilities,

- expert audit during the design and construction of infrastructural facilities (roads,
  hydro-technical facilities and power infrastructure),

- development of geodetic survey for planning documentation and construction of facilities,

- GIS services.

- water issues solving.

- interior design.

- graphic and web design.


Company AG infoplan employs highly qualified expert staff with professional experience in the area of drinking water and waste water. Apart from our permanent employed staff, among which there are internationally recognized experts, our company has an access to wide network of external experts with great domestic and international experience in various disciplines. Our company cooperates closely with renowned European and World manufacturers of equipment for wastewater treatment and performs the implementation of their production program and the latest practical experiences in the designing, construction and exploitation of sewerage systems and drinking water and waste water refinement.

Scope of our services of our company in domain of solving water problem issues is as follows:

- Acquisition and market marketing.
- Cooperation with the competent ministries in the field of water management and environmental protection
   and the relevant public utility companies
- Collection and analysis of designing basis
- Preparation of Master plans systems for water supply and collection systems, sewerage and wastewater
   treatment in rural and urban areas.
-Development of projects for industrial (technological) wastewater treatment
- Preparation of previous feasibility studies 
- Development of general, conceptual, main, detailed  and design projects 
- Preparation of studies of impacts on the environment
- Designing  of systems for treatment of drinking water and wastewater utilities for small, medium and large
  settlements and regional systems
- Designing of systems for the processing of tank equipment, water preparation for technological processes
  and other industrial purposes
- Designing of systems for sludge treatment and waste materials from the plant for drinking water and waste
  water treatment.
- Solving the problem issue of permanent disposal of waste materials and sludge from the plants
- Control of technical documentation
- Preparation of bid documents for supply and installation of process equipment and construction works
- Helping Investor to choose the most convenient Bidder
- Implementation of systems for wastewater treatment according to the turn-key system
- Releasing of the treatment plant into trial operation and demonstration of projected performances of the
- Personnel Training of User 
- Participation in projects financed by foreign bank, governmental and other non-governmental institutions
  and organizations

Services in water supply and refinement system

- Mathematical modeling and design of water system network and facilities on the network
- Pump stations, surge tanks and reservoirs  
- Plants for treatment  of ground and surface water from rivers and lakes by applying the conventional
  treatment refinement technology  (grids, screens, aerators, systems for coagulation, flocculation,
  sedimentation, filtration, disinfection with chlorine and chlorine preparations)
- Plants for treatment  of ground and surface water from rivers and lakes by applying the advanced technology
  treatment (ozonation, adsorption on activated carbon and filtered selectively filled, UV disinfection and
  chloride dioxide disinfection, membrane separation processes: microfiltration, ultra filtration, nanofiltration,
  reverse osmosis)
- Systems for chemical dosing for neutralization, coagulation, flocculation, disinfection by hypochlorite
  (including the on-site creation of hypochlorite), chlorine gas disinfection, stabilization of water with carbon
  dioxide and whitewash
- Delivery and installation of mobile units for small number of customers in the ordinary and extraordinary
- Designing and construction of compact unit of container type for smaller communities (weekend and holiday
  resorts, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) and settlements.

Services in channellisation and waste water treatment of the settlements

- Mathematical modeling and design of sewage network and facilities on the network 
- Designing and construction of collectors for gathering the wastewaters and atmospheric waters  
- Designing and construction of waste water treatment plant with applying of classical nad modern
  technologies (SBR, aered biofilters, membranes...) according to the law jurisdiction and the best available
  techniques (BAT) valid in all EU countries.
- Designing nad construction of plant for waste material treatment  and sludge from the facility in order to their
  further usage (recuperation), further usage (agriculture), permanent disposal and/or burning 
- Designing, delivery and installation of smaller facilities for wastewater treatment of individual  households or
  groups of households in the settlements (package plants – up to  200 ES  and plants of container typei – up
  to 1000 ES)
- Designing and implementation of the plant for settlements of middle and large population.

Services in wastewater treatment from industries and congenial activities:

a) Food industry
  - Processing of milk and milk products  
  - Sloughterhouses and  processing of meat  
  - Production of beer and malt  
  - Production of wine 
  - Production of  soft drinks (juices, beverages)
  - Processing of vegetables and fruit 
  - Processing and production of sugar, starch, potatoes etc.
  - Production of confectionery

b) Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
  - Production of medicines (pharmaceutical industry) 
  - Production of adhesive, paint, varnishes 
  - Production of rubber 
  - Oil Refining

c) Metal Industry

d) Textile Industry

e) Production of paper and cardboards

f) Mining and Energy Sources.

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