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AG infoplan is a private company founded in 2001 in Montenegro with a strong international orientation. From the beginning, we have constantly introduced innovations in our services.

The company is specialized in spatial planning, design and construction services. It possesses adequate certifications and licenses for all of these activities. We are a strong and competent company, with a team of skilled professionals and up to date tools and equipment at our disposal.

Company information

Company registration number: 5-0097082/011
Activity code: 4339
Activity code: 7111
ТIN: 02325926
VAT: 40/31-00341-0
Bank account: 535-227-77
Bank account: 510-6376-21
Founder: Željko Milović
Executive director: Predrag Milović

AG infoplan has following licenses and certificates:

• License for development of planning documentation No. 01-546/2,

• License for development of architectural designs for architectural structures, interior designs, landscaping designs, structural designs for buildings, water and traffic service structures, designs of water supply and sewage equipment and plants, high voltage electricity designs and environmental impact assessment studies No. 01-311/3,

• License for construction, building and trade works for buildings, water and transport service structures, interior and landscape design, water supply and sewage equipment and plants, interior water supply and sewage service systems, and high voltage electricity services No. 01-311/4,

• License for development of projects on organisation and building technology No. 01-1379/2,

• License for development of projects on building structures for bridges and tunnels No. 01-924/3,

• License for performing of building works on bridges construction No. 01-924/4,

• License for development of projects on building structures for objects of traffic and objects of water engineering No. 01-1392/2.

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